Shadow Arena Gets A New Hero, The Team of Ba-ri And Heilang

New hero added to Shadow Arena

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Sep 2020

Pearl Abyss has a new hero for players to try, the duo of Ba-ri And Heilang.

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Available now Ba-ri can attack independently with her Celestial Bo Staff Heilang serves to complement her attacks. Players can mount Heilang for increased speed when traveling through the battlefield.

Ba-ri and Heilang is a duo Hero that fights together.  

Heilang follows Ba-ri around and can be difficult to handle at times, but it is a reliable partner. It fights enemies by itself and continues to attack even when Ba-ri is stunned or knocked down.  


Ba-ri is quick and able fight while riding on Heilang.  


Ba-ri and Heilang have a completely unique style compared to the other Heroes we have, so we encourage everyone to try them! 

The patch will also bring new fixes, penalties for leaving matches, and new balance changes.

Shadow Arena is now available for PC through early access.

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