Indivisible Post-Launch Development Cancelled

Indivisible post-launch content has been officially canceled

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Oct 2020

Indivisible was one of my personal favorite games of 2019 however the developers, Lab Zero Games, closed last month. Many wondered about the future of Indivisible and all the promised post-launch content. Today, publisher 505 Games confirmed that all content has been canceled. 

505 stated that all products for the future of Indivisible has been canceled, this includes backer promised content. In regards to the physical Nintendo Switch release the game will still launch for Switch but in limited amounts this November.

This is upsetting since the title went through development issues for years. After being released many were pleased with the final product. With incredible visuals, fantastic music, and gripping boss fights the title received high reception. However, the Switch launch was criticized for having missing features such as cooperative play and New Game Plus which will be added this October 13th.

Indivisible is now available for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch.

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Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC
Publisher(s): 505 Games
Developer(s): Lab Zero Games
Genres: Action, Role-playing
Themes: Fantasy
Release Date: 2019-10-08

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