Kojima Productions Working On New Game

Hideo Kojima's studio now working on a new game

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Oct 2020

With Death Stranding now complete many wondered what is next for Kojima Productions. Well, the studio is working on a new project and is currently recruiting.

Kojima Productions made the announcement public today with new positions open at the company.

Death Stranding,NoobFeed,

#KojimaProductions confirms a new project is in development and is looking to hire the best-in-class talent to work out of our Tokyo studio. For more information on the openings and requirements, please visit our website at https://t.co/jeTGnnwLAW pic.twitter.com/StLOrxTlhg

— KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS (Eng) (@KojiPro2015_EN) October 22, 2020

Currently, the project is unknown. It could be part of the Death Stranding universe or something entirely new.

Death Stranding is now available for PC and PS4.

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