Insurgency: Sandstorm Update 1.8: Hotfix 4 Now Available

Insurgency: Sandstorm has a new update

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Oct 2020

The developers of Insurgency: Sandstorm have a new patch available. Resolving a lot of known issues with the title such as not seeing objective markers and incorrect weapons and upgrade loadout displays.

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Fixed an issue where the objective status at the top middle of the screen seen when in an objective was missing or shown incorrectly

Reduced occurrences of the entitlements crash caused by Unreal Engine that could happen on launch



Known Issues:

Under certain conditions, players will not see the active objective marker during the first spawn. Respawning seems to correct the issue

The appearance of AI is not always updating properly to match their class or faction

Equipment color option selected under Appearance section is only applying to vest area and not the rest of the Light or Heavy Carrier

Weapons and upgrades may appear incorrectly in Loadout screen

Community hosted servers will show a player as level 0

Mosin Stripper Clip weapon upgrade does not push in properly when reloading

MP5 has a slight clipping of mag during dry reload

VHS-2 and AK-74 magazines disappear for a moment during a dry reload

AUG A3’s loading animations will have broken fingers in first person

AI vehicle can get stuck in the Tutorial Range

When you first load the game, there’s a chance your character may be shown without a vest; going to customize and selecting the faction will load all the correct cosmetics

There is a broken texture on the Aiming Grip affecting the M16A2, M24, M870, Mosin-Nagant, SKS, TOZ-194, AKS-74U, G36K, FAL, MP7, and Mk 14 EBR

The background of the main menu flickers

Autocannon Strafe is not damaging weapon caches

In the Competitive game mode Loadout screen, some weapons will have the option of two Recoil Grips, one at 3 supply points and the other at 4 supply points. These upgrades function the same way.

Mods showing as 'Download Pending' are actually downloading in background

Known Editor Issue: Attempting to use material instances with parents set to another modded material currently will result in a unloaded texture in-game

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