Gears 5 Weapon Set Celebrates Gears of War Franchise

New weapon cosmetics coming to Gears 5

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Nov 2020

With the launch of the Xbox Series X/S almost here The Coalition is doing something special for Gears 5. Offering a new weapon cosmetic set based on Kait, Marcus, and Myrrah.

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To obtain this set you must complete the following objectives to earn the new cosmetic.

To celebrate this anniversary, we’re rolling out a special Medal Group for players to complete to earn the complete gorgeous Destined weapon set.

Always Remember…

Complete 14 rounds of Versus, Waves of Horde or Acts of Escape

It’s a Massacre

Get 3 Executions with the Lancer

This is my Rifle

Get 14 kills with the Lancer

Nothin’ but Bits!

Get 14 Kills with the Gnasher


Get 14 kills with the Snub

With the end of Operation 4 coming soon the final event will be Brothers to the End. 

For those of you that haven’t played this classic, this is a 2v2 TDM fight with just 6 respawns. Pro tip: Fighting together is the key to victory so stick together like Marcus and Dom.

We’ve also curated a dedicated map list for this event to keep the action spicy.

  • Allfathers Arena
  • Asylum
  • Blood Drive
  • Checkout
  • Canals
  • District
  • Exhibit
  • Foundation
  • Harbor
  • Reactor
  • Reclaimed
  • Training Grounds

Gears 5 is now available for PC and Xbox One.

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