Summoners War Drops Holiday Content Update Now Available

New Summoners War holiday updates coming soon

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Dec 2020

Com2uS is bringing more content to Summoners War for the holiday season. With new content ranging from third-party support to in-game events.

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The new out-of-game content includes paper toys, cards, and an Instagram filter to showcase your pride for Summoners War. Those logging into the game can take part in a brand-new area called Dimension Khalderun and 2 Secondary Awakening monsters.


Dimension Khalderun also includes:

Battle the Ancient Guardian

A new and powerful boss in Dimension Khalderun who casts an Aura of Death on those who dare to challenge him.

Defeating the Ancient Guardian rewards players with powerful mystical items such as Ancient Runes, Ancient Grindstones and Ancient Gems.


Dimension Hole Energy refund event

Players who emerge victorious from the Dimension Hole are given back some Dimension Hole Energy for their hard work.

The Ancient Transcendence Scroll, which Summons a Nat five-star monster that the player does not currently own, is available until Jan. 14, 2021.


Starting now until January 3rd Summoners War is hosting several Christmas events with unique items given away every day such as:

Brownie Magician’s Gifts

Collect Brownie Magician’s Holiday Stockings everyday throughout the event. The Holiday Stockings can then be traded for 100,000 Mana Stones or 100 Energy, depending on the number of Holiday Stockings a player has collected.

Panda Warrior’s Gifts

Holiday Stockings can also be exchanged for amazing items such as a Legendary Scroll, L&D Scroll, Devilmon or a Mystical Scroll.

After collecting all of Panda Warrior’s Gifts, players can try their luck with Santa Ellia’s Gifts by trading in their Holiday Stockings for numerous helpful prizes.

 Unicorn’s Bonus Gifts

The exclusive Nutcracker Doll Winter Garden building is obtainable for players who collect 150 Holliday Stockings, with prizes rewarded for every 30 Holiday Stockings collected.


The outside events include:

Christmas card

Five Christmas card templates are available on the official Summoners War website, where fans can draft cute cards and send it to their friends. Players will receive an in-game coupon by creating and sending a card.

Instagram AR filter and GIF

Invite your favorite Summoners War monsters over for the holidays! Fans can use the GIF by searching for "Summoners War Christmas" on Instagram and use the AR filter found here:\ar\425263651836062

Christmas cinematic

Watch the adorable Summoners War Christmas cinematic video here:

Papercraft toys

Fans can download, print, and craft cute paper toys of the Summoners War monsters Brownie Magician, Penguin Knight and Harg.


 Summoners War is now available for mobile devices.

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