The Video Game Industry Made More Money This Year Than The Film and Sports Industry Combined

The video game industry rakes in the cash over the COVID 19 pandemic.

By LG18, Posted 29 Dec 2020

According to the financial website Market Watch, the video game industry will turn a profit of 179.7 billion dollars at the end of this year - an increase of a full 20%.

This figure is greater than the combined revenue of both the film and sports industry, which due to the COVID-19 pandemic, have suffered large setbacks. 

Video Game Business, Profit, Red pencil graph

In total, the film industry is set to bring in roughly 100 billion - a figure it has never achieved before, while sports should see 75 billion in total. 

The film industry lost a significant sum of 34 billion dollars due to cinema restrictions, while the sports industry suffered a loss of an estimated loss of 2.2 billion dollars of television revenue. 
The gaming industry has evidently surged during the pandemic, and even without it, video games continue to grow as one of the largest entertainment sectors in the world.

Linden Garcia, 
Editor, NoobFeed

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