Little Nightmares 2 First Patch Now Available

The first Little Nightmares 2 patch is available

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Mar 2021

Little Nightmares 2 was one of the best games of 2021, easily hitting 1 million sales. Now a new patch is available to address the game's stability issues.

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Little Nightmares 2 is now available for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch. PS5 and Xbox Series versions will come later this year.

All platforms:


Fixed a bug where Six responds to calls during cooperative long-jump moments resulting in failure to catch the player.

Fixed language issues in the trophies of the Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions.

Fixed a bug where some objects would disappear, especially when the player died and respawned.



Fixed a bug where the key could not be retrieved in the Cabin Attic if the player restarted from checkpoint at a specific moment.

Visual fix for a floating rope in the Cabin Attic key puzzle.

Footstep animation fix for Six in the toolshed scene before the raft ride.



Visual fix for lung floating in the air after the Teacher inserts it into the biology model.

Visual fix for the Teacher not picking up chalk when writing on a chalkboard.

Adjusted audio parameters on a wiggling drawer to avoid sound corruption.

Adjusted geometry so that Six doesn’t get stuck on a railing in the schoolyard.

Taught Six how to get down from the top of a goalpost in the schoolyard.

Allowed Bullies in the Teacher’s study to go around the shelf so they don’t get stuck.

Disallowed player from standing on a column frame to skip the puzzle in the Biology room.



Fuse no longer appears early in the Hospital hub when the player follows a very specific set of steps.

Fixed a bug where the achievement “Objection” does not unlock if the player dies while unlocking the achievement.

Ensured that the elevator doors can open for the player if they reload from a checkpoint near the small incinerator below the X-Ray room.

Ensured that the elevator and switch will reset if the player reloads from a checkpoint near the big incinerator at the end of the Hospital chapter.

Fixed a bug where the player can survive from the fall from the crawlspace down into the Morgue. Sorry, speedrunners.

Adjusted the way that stuffed animals are put into the incinerator to ensure that the key appears when many stuffed animals are put in at once.

Visual fix for the patient animation when the Doctor comes to the room after unplugging the respirator.

Visual fix for the X-Ray machine not rendering correctly on all aspect ratios.

Visual fix for light not flickering above the electric chair.


Pale City

Fixed a bug where televisions would not respond to the remote if the player happened to die just as they touched the screen.

Blocked a level escape (fall through the world) behind the collapsing ceiling scene.

Adjusted rubble that allowed the player to reach a door handle without Six’s help.

Adjusted checkpoint trigger for the cooperative clothesline puzzle so the player cannot skip the puzzle by dying.

Fixed a bug where Viewers were being de-spawned in the street if the player backtracked after solving the electric water puzzle in the shopping area.

Extended grabbable surface around the backside of a TV so that it is less frustrating to climb up it.


Transmission Tower

Fixed a texture issue during the ending cinematic.


Switch only:


Fixed a bug where the player could fall out of the world if they backtracked from the isolated bully to the room where a bully was playing with a frog.

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