StoneAge World Introduces New Leviathan Pet and Eden Region

New region added to StoneAge World

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Mar 2021

StoneAge World, the latest MMORPG from Netmarble, just introduced new content for players. Including a new Leviathan pet and an Eden Region for high-level players.

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Players over Level 150 can enter the Eden Region through the World Map and Doravia Airline. The area has 4 areas where players can obtain powerful pets and items. Other updates include:


o   Eden Discovery Check-in Event (3/23~4/14): Receive rewards for logging in to the game for up to 15 days, including a Lv 140 Legendary Amulet and up to 2M Stones.

o   Trip Around Eden (3/23~5/12): Complete this Ultimate Spirit Pet Acquisition Event to get a 2-Star Leviathan and other rewards.

o   Doravis Airlines Ticket Event (3/23~4/14): Earn Mileage with Doravis Airlines Tickets, including 4-Star Special Event Eggs and more.

o   StoneAge Life EXP Event Season 3: Starting on 3/23, players with level under 150 will receive a buff to EXP gain with certain StoneAge Life daily contents. Players at Lv 120-139 will receive a 300% boost, while Lv 140-149 players will receive a 200% increase in EXP earned.

o   Hot Time Event: In order to support fast growth of low-level players under Lv 150, the Auto Hunt / Advanced Hunt EXP is increased upto 500%.

o   Banned Pet for Special Arena is changed from Suppress/Attack Type to Defense Type from 3/23.

o   New Festival Event “Lucy’s Rock-Paper-Scissors Game” (3/23~4/14) 


?      Improvements / Additions

o   Maximum level of Character and Pet has increased to Level 179.

o   Growth levels have added to Level 155.

o   A new Deck Slot system for a player’s line-up and totems, where multiple decks can be pre-set, is now added.

o   Passive elements for pets can be enhanced with the newly added Element Enhance System.

o   Element Dungeons and Element Trials for Eden Region autohunts is now open, where players can collect Element Fruit.

o   The Element Arena is now open for players.

o   Pre-Season 3 of Tribe Battle (3/25~4/13) is now live. Up to 300x Core Components can be earned as part of Tribe Battle’s Win/Lose reward system.

StoneAge World is now available for mobile devices.

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