Outriders Will Permanently Brand Cheaters

Players found cheating will have a special watermark.

By Fragnarok, Posted 31 Mar 2021

People Can Fly has released an update blog on the status of the Outriders demo and upcoming full release. Among the more eye-catching entries is their official policy on cheating in-game. Players that have cheated will no longer be able to match-make with other legitimate players (but still can play with other cheaters), and that the player’s HUD will have a permeant watermark branding any recorded footage or screenshots as cheating. These punishments are not just character specific, but will affect the entire user account.

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Cheating is defined as disabling Easy Anti Cheat, modifying game files, using trainers, aimbots, or wallhacks. Accounts will not be instantly flagged, instead mass brandings will be issued at different intervals. The dev team will also manually look at players who have been repeatedly kicked by hosts. At present, 200 cheaters have been identified from the current 2 million player base. Those that cheat in the demo can delete all of their characters and items to have a clean slate in the full release. Anyone who fails to do so will be considered a cheater forever.

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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