Project Winter Getting a New Map On Mountain Terrain

New map available in Project Winter

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Apr 2021

Project Winter has a new survival challenge available for fans. With a new map and balance changes.

Project Winter,NoobFeed,

The new map will include:

The cabin is located on the northernmost tile rather than in the centre, overlooking the rest of the map from an elevated position

Two options for accessing the rest of the map from the cabin: a gondola that provides rapid transport to the southernmost tile, or a narrow ramp that descends the cliffside to the immediate area below the cabin

New gameplay dynamics, with the first objective now being located outside the southern gondola station rather than around the cabin and the ability for traitors to delay the gondola via sabotage

The new update comes with other changes as well:

Two new main tile variations for the existing normal mode maps which alter the positions of trees, rocks, etc. surrounding the cabin

Text chat can now be used in pregame lobbies, which also logs messages when players join, leave or get kicked

Added sound effect that plays when sending or receiving messages via text chat to better draw attention to it

Various changes to improve UI when using a controller

Updated crossplay icon visuals to help them read better

Traitor radio jamming ability no longer jams red radio channel

Identity Thieves now gain access to the red radio channel when stealing a traitor role

Project Winter is now available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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