Today the massive mobile title AFK Arena has seen many promotional events is hosting another. With Assassin's Creed Ezio and Persona 5's Joker and Queen being part of the latest event.

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To aid players in the arrival of Peggy and Raku a special promotion is being provided to unlock items.

To help players prepare for Peggy and Raku’s arrival, Lilith is offering AFK Arena players a special anniversary gift package code. Use the Code: aaz27uvgfi to unlock a treasure trove of 3000 Diamonds and 30 extra Summons. But the upgrades don’t just stop there! You can also boost your roster over the course of the holidays with 100 summons available in total, in the form of daily log-in rewards. Inn Keeper Dolly will be hosting some lively jazz in the Tavern to give a touch of class to proceedings. Four heroes are also getting a makeover for the celebration, starting with Gwyneth and Skriath, who are receiving the Musical Rose and Kingpin skins and unique background music.

AFK Arena is now available for mobile devices.

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