Can’t Drive This Coming to Retail this May

Party racing game Can't Drive This coming to retail

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Apr 2021

The split-screen cooperative racer Can't Drive This will make its retail debut for PS4 and PS5 this May 18th.

Can't Drive This,NoobFeed,

The racing title will include 2 players online multiplayer but a solo option is available. With players constantly needing to move forward or risking exploding.

Can’t Drive This features the following:

·        One player drives, while the other builds the road – The unique gameplay sees players frantically building the road in front of them as your co-op partner attempts to drive their monster truck on your newly made raceway

·        Endless vehicle customization – Players can unlock new customizations – paint jobs, car toppers and more – as they progress through the game, creating monster trucks unique to their style

·        Four game modes – Challenges include Yardage (drive as far as you can without exploding), Game of Drones (collect “holos” while dodging EMP drops and flying drones), Capture the Egg* (steal the other team’s giant egg) and Lone Racer* (a single-player mode similar to Yardage). *Not all modes are available in online multiplayer.  

Can’t Drive This is currently available for purchase digitally on PC for SteamMicrosoft StorePlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop. The game is coming to North American retailers for PS5 and PS4 for $29.99 on May 18.

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