3 out of 10 Season 2 Launches Today

New season for Epic Store exclusive 3 out of 10 now available

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 Apr 2021

The second season for 3 out of 10 is now available on the Epic Games Store for free.

3 out of 10,NoobFeed,

The title follows a team of Shovelworks Studio developers attempting to make a game higher than 3 out of 10. The player is able to control the experience by playing or skipping mini-games with the option to rewind, fast-forward, or scene-select things at will.

Step back into the lives of the most ineffectual game developers in existence. Tag along with a dynamic quintet of memorable characters—plus at least four others—as they aspire to earn a review score higher than a 3 out of 10 while doing everything in their power to do anything else. Prove your cred in a colorful gamer nightclub, survive the lead designer’s discovery of coffee, and defend against murderous motion-capture drones.

3 out of 10: Season Two premieres today on the Epic Games Store for free. 3 out of 10: Season One is available now on Nintendo SwitchXbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, as well as the Epic Games Store

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