Lineage 2: Revolution New Onmyoji Update Adds Spectral Realm

Lineage 2: Revolution limited time event now live

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Apr 2021

Lineage 2: Revolution has a new update adding limited-time regions to the title. With players able to access special in-game activities, events, and dungeons starting now until May 25th.

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Players can explore 6 Onmyoji regions until the event ends. With region-specific boss fights and 5-party rains in dungeons. With each one having specific rules.

Today’s update brings the Yokai Valley to Lineage 2: Revolution, where total of six Onmyoji regions will open for players to explore during the event period. In addition to region-specific field bosses to face, there is a series of five-man party Onmyoji Dungeons, with each dungeon sporting different concepts and rules to keep in mind. During the event period, players can collect different-colored Spirits through Onmyoji Field Hunting and Dungeon Clearing, which can be exchanged for items like Onmyoji-themed Agathion at the Spirit Store.

Other events that are live include:

·       14-Day Check-In: Players can receive rewards just by logging into the game. New and returning players can earn a fully enhanced UR-grade Red Weapons and armor set, while existing players can receive up to 300 LR Crafting Materials Summon Box.  Other rewards include a maximum reward of 4x +40 Equipment Enhancement Scrolls, Onmyoji Costumes, and more.

·       Yokai Race: There is a new game where players can race against others with in-game Yokai. Prizes include an Onmyoji Artifact Summon Box, and a LR Crafting Material Summon Box among other rewards.

Lineage 2: Revolution is now available on mobile platforms.

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