Sony Outclasses Microsoft Games With Gold Again With PlayStation Plus May 2021 Free Games

Sony offering more premium games through PlayStation Plus

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Apr 2021

Each month we've seen Sony offer better games through their PlayStation Plus program than Microsoft's Games with Gold and May 2021 is no exception. The latest selection including an excellent array of premium games.

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This May 2021 gamers can download Wreckfest on PS5 and on PS4 Battlefield V and Stranded Deep. In comparison Microsoft is offering:

Armello ($19.99 ERP): Available May 1 to 31

Dungeons 3 ($29.99 ERP): Available May 16 to June 15

Lego Batman ($19.99 ERP): Available May 1 to 15

Tropico 4 ($9.99 ERP): Available May 16 to 31

With the next Battlefield set to launch this year you can try the latest installment. While not the most critically received Battlefield the game is in a more refined state than when it launched.

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