Rumor: Next Call of Duty Game Reveal Coming to Warzone, Skipping E3 2021

Call of Duty skipping E3 2021

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Jun 2021

Every year a new Call of Duty launches, usually with the same issues from the previous year. Many are expecting it to come this E3 2021 but according to a rumor at VGC, it'll be revealed in Warzone.

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This would be ideal and cheaper instead of having a large event. Warzone remains one of the most played games and having the next game reveal in the mode would target the audience directly. It'll also bring back players who want to see the event if they can download the massive title.

The rumored reports state the game is called Call of Duty: Vanguard developed by Sledgehammer Games and will focus on WW2. Which is the opposite of what EA is doing with Battlefield 2042. If the reports are true and the game reveal is coming to Warzone we'll likely get some WW2 content to the mode, likely skins and character models from past games.

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