Black Desert First Cooperative Dungeon Launches Today

Atoraxxion comes to Black Desert

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Jul 2021

Console and PC players for Black Desert can now play the first cooperative dungeon called Atoraxxion.

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Adventurers can look forward to the various features in the dungeon including:

Enthralling Storylines: Beautiful cutscenes with voiceover tell the story of the last ancient Sage, Rux Maha Dehkia, who built Atoraxxion for the war against Black Spirit. Four of Rux's apprentices fell defending the dungeon for failing to work together. Adventurers will learn more as the story progresses.


Cryptic Puzzles: The puzzles in the dungeon are the primary feature and provide a classic RPG appeal to the game. Adventurers will have to memorize the order of the lights on the pillars or balance the scale with the boxes, and more, to advance stages. 


Gripping Combat: Ancient Weapons will create a new atmosphere and introduce a combat-style to the world of Black Desert. In Atoraxxion, Adventurers’ strategic battle prowess will be tested. Players will need to explore and learn their enemies weaknesses and pinpoint vulnerable areas to defeat the Final Boss Lucretia. 


Atoraxxion will provide new combat challenges and narratives for players. In celebration, Twitch Drop campaigns will be available such as Enhancement Help Kit, Cron Stones, Magical Elixir, Item Collection Increase Scroll, and, for new players, a Game Pass which enables free game play for life!

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