Colt Canyon Wins GameMaker Awards' Game of the Year

Colt Canyon takes home GOTY at GameMaker Awards

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Jul 2021

The GameMaker Awards is a charity even that uses video games to enhance the lives of those people with physical disabilities. To celebrate the creative indie scene an award ceremony is held to highlight some of the most notable games created using GameMaker Studio 2. With Colt Canyon winning Game of the Year.

Colt Canyon,NoobFeed,

After 33,000 votes developer, Retrific's Colt Canyon took home the prize.

Created by German-based developer Retrific, Colt Canyon is a stylish western-themed pixel art shooter combining roguelike elements with real-time combat. The judges were impressed with Colt Canyon’s highly-engaging gameplay and heavily pixelated artist style. While in the popular vote, members of the GameMaker and Opera GX communities voted Colt Canyon the clear winner.

The winner for "Most Anticipated" game was LUNARK from Canari Games. A 2D cinematic platformer designed with the 80s and 90s classics in mind.

The other finalists for ‘Most Anticipated’ game included: NYKRA, Jitsu Squad, APICO and Toodee and Topdee.

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