Black Desert’s Corsair Class Awakens with New Skills and Weapon

Corsair gets new skills and weapon in Black Desert

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Aug 2021

Today Black Desert received a new update adding the awakened Corsair. With new skills and a weapon for players to use.

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Details on the new awakened skills can be found below:

-          Spare No Quarter!: Rather stylishly throws her rope into the air, lifting her up and surrounding her in mist, before she comes down to slice her foe.

-          Sun-splitter Patraca: Throws her rope towards the sun, momentarily staying mid-air, before firing her harpoon. Enemies hit by the harpoon will be neutralized by her mists.

-          Cap'n's Orders: Open Fire!: Lifts her weapon into the air, giving the signal to open fire. Following her orders, the Scallywags fire their ship's massive anchor at the enemy.

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