Rumor: Rockstar is Remastering Classic GTA Games and Red Dead Redemption

Rumors of a remastered version of classic GTA games and Red Dead Redemption surface

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Aug 2021

The classic GTA games hold a strong place in the hearts of gamers. Not only are they famous games but they were revolutionary in terms of story-telling, open-world gameplay, and many others. Every major GTA game has pushed game development forward and set new standards. Many are still yearning for a GTA VI it seems that Rockstar is looking to bring back some classic games from the franchise to modern systems.


According to a report on Kotaku:

According to these sources, Rockstar is actively developing remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. All three of these games are being remastered using Unreal Engine and will be a mix of “new and old graphics.” One source who claims to have seen a snippet of the games in action said that the visuals reminded them of a heavily-modded version of a classic GTA title. The UI for the games are being updated too, but will retain the same classic style. No details were shared about gameplay, but Kotaku has been told these remastered titles are trying to stay true to the PS2-era GTA games as much as possible.

The games might come to mobile devices, with all 3 games being sold in 1 package. The report also states that Rockstar plans to release Red Dead Redemption Remastered. This does have a bit of credibility as Take-Two stopped fans from remastering the game through mods. If the project is in the works a fan-made version would've cut into Take-Two's profits and that's a company that places money above everything else.

For now, this is all a rumor. If the release dates are true the announcement should come this year.

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