Destroy All Humans 2! – Reprobed Won't Launch on PS4 or Xbox One to Avoid "Weaker Versions"

Destroy All Humans 2! – Reprobed won't be coming to PS4 and Xbox One

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Oct 2021

Destroy All Humans 2! – Reprobed is the next entry in the rebooted series but when announced many wondered why it won't be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. In an interview with The Escapist, it was because the developers did not want a weaker version.

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When speaking about the game the interviewer asked why the company was skipping the PS4, Switch, and Xbox One despite the first game launching on that platform.

Stefan Schmitz: That was a very hard choice to make for everyone. Either we would have had to ship the new game with potentially weaker visuals compared to the DAH!1 remake to accommodate the larger and denser maps of the second, or we would have to forego the old gen and gain back that optimization time and give that time back to the team to make a bigger, better world and combat experience. We decided to go with the latter choice as this allowed us to take a big step forward for Destroy All Humans 2 – Reprobed in terms of visual quality. For example, we were able to place about five times as many objects in the levels, making them more vivid, less empty, and more believable. As a result, both we and the players have a bigger experience to play with.

Stefan explained a little more stating the added power means more actors can be on screen but couldn't go into more detail. Seems like a strange point but that cannot be all, after all, lots of PC games reduce NPC count for console versions but allow PC owners to go nuts with customization.

We also learned the game won't include any new areas, missions, or weapons "per se" but instead the focus is on reworking the world for better presentation, similar to the first.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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