Rogue Lords V.1.1.00 Adds New Difficulty Mode and Bug Fixes

Rogue Lords gets new content and fixes

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Nov 2021

Rogue Lords has a new update adding new difficulty modes and fixing issues.

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The update is detailed below:

Difficulty Modes

Added a new difficulty mode: 

The current difficulty mode is now called Normal mode

In Apprentice mode, the player start with +50 Diabolic Essence, +1 Terror, and enemies deal less damage

Books can be unlocked in Apprentice mode

Achievements can be unlocked in Apprentice mode

Experience gains in Apprentice mode are the same as Normal mode

Developers' note: Apprentice mode offers a more accessible experience for those struggling with Normal mode or simply wanting a place to experiment with builds and characters more easily. While the Normal difficulty mode remains the game's intended experience, we hope this addition gives everyone a place to enjoy Rogue Lords at their own pace.



Fixed the Baron Samedi “What's yours is mine” achievement behaviour with the relic “Old-world amulet”


Fixed Anticipation Brooch relic sometimes not triggering on some preparation skills

Updated the visibility of some relics in game compartments (world map and/or event and/or combat)

• Bloody cleaver

• Corrupted talisman

• Netherworld crow

• Crystal ball

• Cursed apple

• Cursed sword

• Cursed wand

• Dreamcatcher

• Glass shield

• Ouija board

• Scapegoat

• Shadow shroud

• Soul stone

• Styx jet stone

Added relics in the second pool of relics obtained in a run



Fixed many double line break in the middle of texts and line break at the end of texts

Fix Fanatic’s Worship status infotip displayed in French


Bug fixes

Skills that hit all combatants now behave correctly when a character wields the Provocation status

Several memory management improvements, the game should now use less RAM

Fixed tutorial bubbles not pointing at the correct UI element when playing with a controller

Fixed camera shakes not being played correctly on some animations

The game should now be able to restore a previous save in case of save data corruption due to a crash

Rogue Lords is now available for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Switch.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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