SoulWorker Hosting Black Friday Event Complete With In-Game Items and Contests

SoulWorker hosting a large in-game event starting this week

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Nov 2021

SoulWorker is hosting the "Winter is Coming" event starting this November 25th and ending December 9th. Players can take advantage of participation bonuses such as 50% experience and in-game currency Zenny 100% buff.


Other additions include 

·       Lunar Falls Hero Mode Raid – A vital aspect of SoulWorker’s story, the Lunar Fall raid pits SoulWorkers against the formidable Junk Queen as its final boss. Hero Mode is only available to the bravest of SoulWorker players who are level 72 or higher and in parties of four to eight players. This is one of the hardest Raids but will reward players with “Pale Fragment” items used for crafting the most advanced equipment, “Pale Ashes Hero.”

·       Romance and Blossom Costumes – These adorable costumes which have been sought after by the SoulWorker community will be available for purchase once again.

·       Limited Black Friday Items – In addition to the costumes, items such as “2021 Florescent Ripple Wing Costume Cube,” “Gear Upgrade PKG,” “A.R Transmitter PKG,” “Defense Brooch Transmitter PKG,” “Technical Brooch Transmitter PKG,” “Attack Brooch Transmitter PKG” and “Energy Converter PKG” are available in the store for a limited time only.

SoulWorker is now available for PC.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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