The Oregon Trail: Music Soundtrack Now Available on Music Platforms

The Oregon Trail gets a new update

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Dec 2021

Today Gameloft is releasing the soundtrack for The Oregon Trail along with a new update for the title adding lots of new content.

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The Oregon Trail

Westward Bound

On Windswept Plains

The Long Road

Under the Sun

Winter’s Approach

Two Thousand Miles

Where the Heart Is

Maroon Skies

A Whisper of Winter

Of the Land

Around the Campfire

The Land’s Pulse

Horizon Calling

Trail’s End

With this release comes the 4th update of The Oregon Trail adding new features and content including new game modes. With this fourth update, new features include:

Community Goals: Choose sides and cooperate with other players to construct the Transcontinental Railroad, contributing items, scouting the railroad, and complete both individual and community goals each week!

Tranquil Trail: Experience The Oregon Trail in a meditative version focused on music, game art, and relaxation, perfect for work and study sessions, as a screensaver, or just as a calming way to experience the trail.

Contracts Expanded: The special Contracts system has been expanded tasking players to include hunting and rafting challenges.

A New Gallery: Players can now unlock Gallery Tokens in Community Goals, which can be spent on new artwork, music, and even 3D Character Prints, which can be used in real 3D Printers!

Pony Express and California Trail Updates: Take part in a new journey inspired by the Pony Express! This update also introduces improvements to the California Trail and the Burn status effect.

Global Stats: Have you ever wondered just how many people have died of dysentery while playing The Oregon Trail? In this update you can see worldwide stats like this and many more!

App Store Sticker Pack: Give your friends dysentery in the official The Oregon Trail sticker pack available on the App Store!

The Oregon Trail: Music from the Gameloft Game is available to stream and download here:

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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