Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Delayed Until Summer 2022

Battlefield 2042 hits another major setback

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Feb 2022

Battlefield 2042 has become the Fallout 76 in the military shooting community. Battlefield 2042 is a huge disaster full of glitches and missing features that the title has seen a massive drop in players, with Battlefield V and Battlefield 1 surpassing 2042's active player count. Now the game's season 1 has been delayed to Summer 2022.

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The reason is that DICE is attempting to fix the many issues plaguing the game along with improving progression, feedback to gunplay, and much more. Currently, there are rumors that EA will make the Portal mode for Battlefield 2042 free-to-play as the game has performed well under EA's expectations.

This wouldn't be surprising as I doubt EA gave BioWare time to resolve Anthem's many problems before deciding to cut the cord and it's doubtful EA wants to repeat the same procedure with Battlefield 2042. One can make the argument that EA gave DICE to resolve Star Wars Battlefront 2 and now it's an amazing game which is a valid argument but that was a Disney franchise.  With rumors that Disney was not happy about that game's launch and seeing that Disney decided not to give EA exclusive rights to the Star Wars franchise anymore, one can argue that game was likely responsible.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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