Dying Light 2's First DLC is a Peacekeeper Themed Pack

Take on the infected with more Peacekeeper weapons

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Feb 2022

Techland is starting its 5-year support of Dying Light 2 with new items straight from the Peacekeepers.

Dying Light 2,NoobFeed,

Called the Authority Pack players will get a new piece of armor for each section of Aiden including a new weapon to smash infected and humans alike. You can read about the release schedule with the first piece now available.

The first part (available from today) contains:

Intimidating Jacket—Put on this jacket and fight for justice!

Intimidating Cargo Pants—They'll hold everything you'll need to enforce the law.

Intimidating High-tops—Stand up for what's right with these unique high-tops.

The second part (available Feb. 16) will contain:

Intimidating Gauntlets—These may not restore law and order in a flash, but they'll definitely make it easier.

Intimidating Windbreaker—Bring down the rule breakers with this windbreaker.

Intimidating Leather Guards—Use these leather guards to help you keep the peace.

The third part (available Feb. 18) will bring:

The two-handed Authority hammer—With this in your arsenal, they'd better follow the rules.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC. It'll launch for Switch later this year.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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