Marvel’s Avengers Gets a Massive Update

Marvel’s Avengers new update include streamlining missions, adjustments to the War Table, and the return of a fan-favorite character.

By SnowWhite, Posted 04 Apr 2022

Marvel’s Avengers had a rough entry into this world since it launched in September 2020. Briefly, the game enjoyed being a top seller in the US and UK. However, it received mediocre reviews and its player base quickly started to dwindle. Despite its lack of performance in the market, publisher Square Enix and developer Crystal Dynamics decided on releasing regular updates to the game.

In fact, version 2.3 was released on Tuesday 29th March. The update was intended to be released on March 24th, but it got delayed by a few days. Update 2.3 introduces several changes to Marvel’s Avengers that we hope might bring it back from the dead. These include streamlining missions, adjustments to the War Table, a new player experience, and the return of a fan-favorite character.

Marvel’s Avengers, Update, Version 2.3, Patch Note

Unlike this video game, Marvel’s Avengers as movies are quite popular with Marvel fanatics. Apart from the movies which encapsulate all the characters, the single-character movies such as Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk, all enjoyed their own limelight.

Most of the changes in this 2.3 update are on how the War Table missions work. The Drop Zone and Threat Sector missions will always be available on the Map from now on instead of disappearing every fifteen minutes. The same goes for the Vaults since players no longer need to find through Coordinates.

HIVES will not appear as soon as players reach the appropriate power level for the region while Villain Sectors do not require players to visit the Faction quest giver. They will now rotate daily for Normal mission chains and weekly for Elite mission chains. Other changes also include HARM rooms with a Level requirement of one and Flashback missions will no longer end in a boss fight.

Crystal Dynamics also introduced the Power Level to the War Table. Players are encouraged to visit the Eastern Seaboard at Levels 1-25, the Pacific Northwest at Levels 25-50, the Utah Badlands at Levels 50-75, the Snowy Tundra at Levels 75-100, the Future Wastelands at Levels 100-125, and Wakanda at Levels 100-140. The Future Wastelands also got five new missions in this upgrade while the Snowy Tundra got a new Threat Sector mission.

The update also included a focus on improving the onboarding process of Marvel’s Avengers. Nick Fury now serves as a guide for new players and players can find him at the war table while also listening to several tutorials given by him. These tutorials are now more directed and less confusing for players.

Crystal Dynamics hopes that these changes will ease new players into the game while also bringing back some old players. Hopefully, Marvel’s Avengers will be back in its full glory after this update!

Asura Kagawa, NoobFeed

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