Roguelike Platformer ScourgeBringer Hits PlayStation 5

The limited-edition soundtrack will be released on vinyl this summer and is now available in 4K resolution.

By Rayan, Posted 19 Apr 2022

ScourgeBringer, a fast-paced room-clearing platformer from Flying Oak Games and publisher Dear Villagers (The Forgotten City, The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk), is now available for PlayStation 5; for $16.99 / 16,99€ / £13.99, with PS4 owners getting a free upgrade! Mana Wave Media has also announced a limited edition vinyl soundtrack, released this summer.

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Battle your way through ancient machinery and constantly shifting dungeons as the mysterious Kyhra in ScourgeBringer to unravel the mysteries of the eldritch monolith that threatens to wipe out all life on Earth. A combat drone is at your disposal to help you fight your way down the dungeon's unfathomable depths, where you'll uncover the mysteries of past explorers' journeys. To create a novel roguelike platformer, ScourgeBringer mixes the rawness of early Metroidvania with smooth shooting and melee gameplay, bright pixel visuals, and pungent music.

“We’re so excited to finally bring ScourgeBringer to the PlayStation 5”, said Thomas Altenburger, Game Director at Flying Oak Games. “We can’t wait for people to experience their first Scourge boss encounter in glorious 4K, or to listen to Joonas Turner’s dynamic soundtrack on vinyl. It’s truly something to behold!” 

This summer, ScourgeBringer's high-octane soundtrack, composed by Joonas Turner, will be released on vinyl in two limited editions: the Classic, with 400 copies available, and the Chiming Tree, with only 100 units, which has a vinyl cover in the colors of the character. For 32€ for the original version and 35€ for the Chiming Tree edition, the vinyl from Mana Wave Media will be available this summer.


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