Souls Meets Tetris Roguelike Loot River Arrives On PC & Xbox

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can battle terrifying monsters in randomly created labyrinths on Loot River.

By Rayan, Posted 20 Apr 2022

For May 3rd,, in collaboration with SUPERHOT PRESENTS, will release Loot River on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can download the 'Dark Souls meets Tetris' action roguelike on release day. Explore a lore-filled, fantasy-inspired environment with a dynamic combat system, a diverse bestiary of cursed creatures, and randomly generated labyrinths full of build-changing weapons, spells, and other goodies.

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In Loot River, players may use the Relic's power to change the ground under them, sliding on floating ruins. These Tetris-like pieces may be slotted together to solve spatial exploration puzzles and used as a combat weapon to manipulate foes and control the fight arena. In these unending tombs, players will face terrible animals, lost travelers, and legendary bosses.

Swords that propel you forward towards adversaries; axes that launch projectiles; elemental enchantments; spells; armor; and charms that endow you with special powers. Combining them to produce strong and unexpected synergy is critical to extend your runs.'s latest developer tour provides you with a sense of the possibilities.

Trapped in a never-ending cycle of life and death by an evil artifact, roaming nomads eat one other to gain wisdom from their fellow travelers. Countless lost souls drift down the Loot River on unique paths.

"I'm so pleased to finally announce that we will be bringing Loot River to PC and Xbox, via Xbox Game Pass, on May 3rd," said creative director Miro Straka. "The attention the game has gotten over the last couple of years at showcases like Guerilla Collective, Day of the Devs, and Xbox's ID@XBox events has been incredible, but what I'm really looking forward to is getting the game in players' hands!"


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