New Rumor Promises More Demos for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Are Sony about to let players try games before they buy them?

By AlexJohn, Posted 26 Apr 2022

A new rumor doing the rounds claims that Sony are beginning to push developers to provide timed trials of their games to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The news comes from the website Game Developer and their sources claim that new releases priced over $34 will be required to provide a 2-hour demo to customers. Developers will have three months post-release to implement these trials and they must be available for at least 12 months.

PlayStation Plus, Subscribers

The upcoming revamp will combine both of Sony’s current subscription services (PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now) into a three-tiered model offering various benefits.

In a March 29th PlayStation blog post, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan included time-limited game trials as a feature of the PlayStation Plus Premium tier. While unconfirmed, it is likely that Game Developer’s sources and Sony are talking about the same set of games. Alongside the mandatory timed trials, developers will still be able to release their own demos, free weekends, and other promotions as they see fit.

The new PlayStation Plus tiers are targeting a June 13th debut in the Americas, with the Premium-tier offering approximately 700 games from all generations of PlayStation console, at a cost of $17.99 monthly; $49.99 quarterly; and $119.99 yearly.

Alex David Johnson, NoobFeed

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