Action-Adventure RPG Zenith Announced a Physical Release

The physical edition of Zenith is Coming on Nintendo Switch in the Summer of 2022.

By Rayan, Posted 28 Apr 2022

The action-adventure RPG 'Zenith,' developed by Badland Publishing, Infinigon, and Funstock, is receiving a physical release for the Nintendo Switch. Infusing Zenith with humor, magic, and unique characters, the RPG will enthrall RPG enthusiasts and newbies alike!

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Players will meet the ultimate anti-hero and the crew who will accompany him on an epic journey. This insane journey will lead players to a strange magical realm, where orcs are stupid, wizards are clumsy, hero apprentices are intolerant, and enormous spiders sing opera! They will explore a completely formed fantasy world and one of those world maps that we used to adore. Players will come across angry teenagers, big bosses, and terrifying enemies in their ways. During the gameplay, upgrade their combo moves with an all-powerful "final blow"-style action and unlock new powers!

Argus Windell, a competent magician, will go on the most perilous journey of his life in this game. Argus' weapons, spells, and attire may all be upgraded in this fantastical setting full of nods to classic RPGs. Cast spells based on the elements of earth, ice, and fire in a variety of places, such as deserted temples, towns, and dungeons brimming with gold.

In the end, players will save the World by uncovering the mysteries of the universe. Argus is an expert in ancient artifacts, but his knowledge was shattered in the wake of a catastrophic tragedy. Argus is now a retired hero who spends his time concocting remedies and longs for a calm life. That all changes when a group of adventurers arrives in town in search of an ancient artifact that will rescue the world from destruction. Keeping the artifact's hazards out of the hands of the wrong people is a challenge.

The physical edition of Zenith is Coming on Nintendo Switch in the Summer of 2022.

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