Killer in the Cabin Announces Release Date

The hyper-social multiplayer deduction survival game Killer in the Cabin lets you find the mysterious murderer.

By Rayan, Posted 28 Apr 2022

One murderer, one cabin, and no survivors. May 12th marks the official release date for Games People Play's Killer in the Cabin, an intense multiplayer hyper-social deduction, and survival game, after a Steam early access phase that was well-received.

This early-access game features a single-player who must murder all of the other party members while staying undetected. Killer in the Cabin is now ready for a new wave of players to survive in the harsh conditions of the blissful Norwegian wilderness and the looming threat of a murderous impostor after multiple updates added dynamic new features including a highly requested server browser system, the ability to play with AI bots and text chat communication options to the fray.

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In the words of lead creator Jack Kristoffersen of Games People Play, "Killer in the Cabin is a love letter to social deduction and survival board and computer games." This game is now ready for a full launch after we took feedback from the community throughout the early access phase. 
We can't wait to meet this new group of gamers and see what inventive methods they come up with to kill one another in-game!

To live in the harsh Norwegian highlands after a bus disaster, you and your fellow passengers must work together to collect supplies, find shelter, and share food while you wait for aid to come in Killer in the Cabin. The only way to survive is to stick together, but a murderer is lurking in the shadows, plotting to assassinate the gang one by one. 

Killer in the Cabin challenges players' communication, deceit, and truth-telling abilities with 15-minute game sessions and multiplayer play with up to eight players.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
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