Stunlock Studio's Tour on The Castle Foundations in V Rising

V Rising will go live on Early Access on May 17th when signing up for the V Rising beta is now open.

By SnowWhite, Posted 28 Apr 2022

Today, Stunlock Studios released their newest Dev Update, which focuses on one of V Rising's most fundamental aspects: constructing a castle. 

Without a coffin, what can a vampire be? It must be protected if it is to live. For each vampire in V Rising, castles are essential to their survival; they are where vampires recuperate and hone their trade; they create weapons and armor; they mix potions; they store treasure; and most importantly, they hold the Castle Heart!

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The Castle Heart, located in the castle's heart, is where your defenses will be built. If the Castle Heart is still beating, your production and craft stations will continue to churn out anything you need to prepare for your dark adventures. Check out Dev Update #12: Castle Foundations and The V Rising Build Your Castle trailer.

V Rising is a survival game for open-world vampires. Awaken from a century-long hibernation as a weakened vampire and face a world of danger. To replenish your energy and satiate your desire, vampires must go out into the surrounding countryside in search of human blood. 
Build and decorate your castle, ask friends to join your clan, and turn people into servants to expand your empire. Challenge yourself to PvP and PvE battles in a bid to take the world's crown. The question is whether or not you will become the next Dracula:

After a successful closed beta, V Rising will go live on Early Access on May 17th when signing up for the V Rising beta is now open.

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