After The Fall Gets a Shock & Awe Update

As part of the game's Frontrunner Season, a new major update named 'Shock & Awe' was been made available to all After The Fall players.

By SnowWhite, Posted 28 Apr 2022

The 'Shock & Awe' update for After the Fall was recently launched by Koch Media Group's VR publishing and development subsidiary, Vertigo Games. Players who own the game on Meta Quest 2, PSVR (both digital and physical), or PC VR may get this excellent new set of weapons as part of the Frontrunner Season update for free.

After The Fall, Shock & Awe, Update, Vertigo Games, Koch Media, Zombie, Survival, Game

Vertigo Games has published two trailers today to mark the occasion. Using LIV software, developers may create high-quality mixed reality footage for the action-packed co-op teaser. All of the game's new and previously added content is shown in the Frontrunner Season overview trailer. Here's a look at the co-op trailer, and here is the Front Runners Season trailer.

There are several amazing new weapons in the "Shock & Awe" update, such as a Shockwave Power Device, Rage Booster, Warhead, and even a Tommy Gun in the new arsenal. These new equipment may be obtained via grinding for floppy disks, which allow players to take on swarms of Snowbreed in new and powerful ways.

The 'Stockpile' PvP map and the free-for-all PvP mode have been introduced to the game along with the new consumables and combat gadgets. Close-quarter fighting and lightning-fast respawns are the order of the day on this new level, which is based on a converted warehouse.

New weapons and outfits have been added to the game as part of the Frontrunner Season, including the LMG and the Revolver as well as two new Horde mode maps, the Boulevard Harvest map, the 'Skimmer' opponent (which has now been added to all Harvest Maps), and the LMG and Revolver weaponry. Vertigo Games intends to keep extending and refining the world of After the Fall in the future for all of its players to enjoy.

After The Fall, Shock & Awe, Update, Vertigo Games, Koch Media, Zombie, Survival, Game

After the Fall is a VR co-op game that focuses on intensive four-player co-op and cross-platform play. Playing with up to 32 other players across all platforms at the same time in a shared environment, players go forth into the remnants of post-apocalyptic LA in groups of 4, using real-life motions to control their weapons. With fresh discoveries hiding around every corner, players must explore the undead-infested VR environment to remain one step ahead of their foes. The Tundradome PvP arena and the infinite hordes of Horde mode await them when they're ready.

Launch Edition of After the Fall is currently available on Quest 2, PlayStation VR, and Steam for an SRP of £34,99, while Deluxe Edition is available on PS VR and Steam with an SRP of £44.99. The original Quest will be re-released at a later date as well. For £39.99, PlayStation VR owners in Europe and Japan may purchase the physical version of After the Fall – Frontrunner Edition.

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