The Gunk is Now Available on Steam

The Gunk hits new platforms with a new honors trailer highlighting the appreciation for the strange planet.

By Rayan, Posted 29 Apr 2022

The Gunk, a space exploration game developed by Thunderful, will be released on Steam at 5 pm CET today. An honors trailer has been released to commemorate the game's debut and emphasize the appealing elements drawn in the game's first wave of enthusiastic users.

In addition to exploring their favorite alien worlds on Steam, gamers will be able to use the newly introduced picture mode. Depth of field, exposure, a field of vision, and other filters like "noir," "sepia," and "cartoon" may all be altered in post-processing. Rani's facial expressions and posture may be adjusted so that your photos have a unique personality while also flawlessly blending with the mood you want to achieve with each photograph.

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Even more, people will be able to enjoy The Gunk's engaging story and enchanting setting thanks to the Steam release's support for some of the most requested languages from the community.

Rani, one half of a space-hauling team, discovers an apparently desolate planet contaminated with a mysterious unidentified material known as "the gunk" in The Gunk, which you play as. With this unexpected find, Rani and Becks are left wondering whether their days of scrounging for resources to meet ends are numbered. What about the more pressing matter of what precisely the muck is? What happened to it? Before its introduction, what type of world did we live in? The old civilization that has just left ruins in its wake?

An essential part of the Gunk experience is discovering the world's many biomes, including anything from rocky canyons to lush rainforests to deep underground dungeons (after all, this is the team behind SteamWorld). However, if you use Rani's upgraded goo-sucking power-glove to remove the gunk from all of these zones, you uncover a thriving environment that had been repressed by the strange and destructive gunk.

If you're still unfamiliar with the game, check our The Gunk Xbox Series X Review.


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