Twitch Streamer Turns a Child’s Toy into an Xbox Controller

A Twitch streamer plans to beat Elden Ring with a Fisher-Price toy?

By AlexJohn, Posted 02 May 2022

Rudeism is a Twitch streamer from New Zealand that has found himself in a rather odd niche. He has developed a reputation for turning random objects into fully functioning video game controllers. Amongst his accomplishments he has beaten From Software’s famously challenging RPG Dark Souls with a frying pan, become champion of the arena in the battle royale game Apex Legends with a mannequin leg (a reference to his player character Octane’s prosthetic leg), and competed in Tekken 7 with boxing gloves. Ironically, this latest invention might be the most ‘normal’ controller he has ever created.

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Working with Alienware and Orcon to build his bizarre creations, the idea spawned from a joke made by another Twitter user Wario64 who said suggested that the controller would be perfect for Elden Ring. The controller still makes all the original, childish sound effects and even a little song when the analogue stick is clicked in. Most standard controllers have a left and right analogue stick, and the lack of a right one worried some fans; however, Rudeism found a work around. Using a small yellow slider, the controllers’ solitary analogue stick can switch between being a ‘left’ stick (used to control the character’s movement) and a ‘right’ stick (used to control the games’ camera).

In October Rudeism beat another From Software game, Dark Souls 3, using only one button and Morse code.  By comparison Elden Ring with a Fisher-Price toy should be easy… right?

Alex David Johnson,
News Editor, NoobFeed

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