Classics-Inspired RPG Airoheart Releases Steam Demo

Airoheart is free to play during the Steam's Going Rogue Event.

By SnowWhite, Posted 03 May 2022

SOEDESCO has confirmed that the demo of the top-down action-adventure RPG based on classic-inspired games Airoheart is now available on the Steam. The demo will be playable for free during the Going Rogue Event on Steam from May 2 to May 9.

During the demo, players are given access to the game's second dungeon, where they must fight their way through hazardous enemies in real-time encounters. As they go further into the dungeon, players will have to deal with more difficult riddles and perils.

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In Airoheart, the protagonist from Engard sets out on a mission to foil his brother's sinister plot to release an ancient evil that has been dormant for eons and to start a war using the Draoidh Stone's power, which leads to the adventure. Players will decide the right time to approach him and stop his evil plans.

Airoheart offers real-time combat, battling dangerous monsters to conquer Engard's perils by planting explosives, using spells, and drinking potions. Gamers will find themselves immersed in a gorgeously handmade universe of retro-inspired pixel graphics with an above viewpoint. Become engrossed in a vibrant universe full of interesting people. Players need to solve challenging puzzles and discover new regions to explore, equip with weapons and armor, and master magical skills. While digging through dark dungeons, players encounter lethal traps and vicious enemies.

No confirmation about the release date is given yet, while top-down RPG fans can wishlist Airoheart on Steam.

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