Street Fighter 6 Will Release Globally in 2023

Redefining the Fight Game Experience is what Capcom is all about.

By SnowWhite, Posted 03 Jun 2022

A brand new challenger has arrived for Capcom. Since its debut in 1985, the Street Fighter series has sold more than 47 million copies. Street Fighter 6 will be released globally in 2023. New game modes, such as Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub, are included in Street Fighter 6 thanks to the use of the RE Engine. Additionally, new gameplay elements are incorporated, and better visuals for every game area. Street Fighter 6 offers new and experienced fans a wealth of gameplay options.

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Street Fighter 6 introduces a slew of new features, including:

With the introduction of three new essential modes: Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub, Street Fighter continues to develop and reinvent the Fighting Game genre. Jeremy 'Vicious' Lopez and Ryutaro 'Aru' Noda, two well-known commentators in the Fighting Game Community (FGC), may be heard in-game through the Real-Time Commentary feature. 

Gameplay explanations and comments are provided by various characters, all of whom may be selected by the player. Subtitles in 13 languages are also supported by this function, making it more accessible. With the return of both the old and the contemporary control types, gamers may begin playing straight away with the more basic inputs. 
With only one button and direct input, it's simpler to execute Special Moves than otherwise.

Street Fighter 6 adds the Drive System, a new bar that employs five distinct tactics to increase a player's offensive and defensive capabilities: Drive Impact, Driver Reversal (also known as Driver Reversal), Drive Parry, Overdrive Art, and Drive Rush.

To go along with the game's new features, Fighting Ground in Street Fighter 6 brings together modes from previous games, including Arcade Mode, Online Matches, Training Mode, and local vs. fighting. Famous World Warriors Ryu and Chun-Li and newcomers Luke and Jamie from Street Fighter V provide gamers with an abundance of options for combat styles and abilities to learn. Later this year, we'll be able to provide additional information about the fighters who will be playable in the game.

Street Fighter 6, Capcom, Fighting Game, Cook Media, Ryu, Chun-Li, NoobFeed

Street Fighter 6 is getting closer, and Capcom has more about its World Tour and Battle Hub. World Tour is a single-player narrative mode that pushes the limits of what a fighting game can be and enables players to create their imprint on the fighting world with their avatar. The Battle Hub, which has been displayed very briefly thus far, provides players with new and innovative methods to engage, communicate, and interact in the game.

Street Fighter 6 enters the ring of PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2023.

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