Marvel's Avengers Reveal Outfits for Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor

New hero Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor joins Marvel's Avengers in June.

By AlexJohn, Posted 22 Jun 2022

Before her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Thor: Love and Thunder, The Mighty Thor (aka Jane Foster) will become playable in the Square Enix game Marvel's Avengers. Now, a week before release, Art Director Jeff Adams has provided a glimpse of some of Jane Foster's alternate outfits and their comic book inspirations.

Jane first wielded the mythical hammer Mjolnir in 1978 in issue #10 of What If? (written by Don Glut). In Marvel's Avengers Jane Foster's 'Thordis' outfit takes inspiration from this comic and "while its classically driven source design is faithfully expressed, [Square Enix] added embossing and extended loincloths to give it a modernized feel." The outfit has a winged helmet, circular medallions on the abdomen, and knee-high boots, much like Thor's classic comic book costume. 

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While Jane Foster's abilities will "naturally echo" Thor's (both characters use Mjolnir after all), she comes equipped with a new Intrinsic ability (All-Mother's Blessing); Overcharge ability (God Tempest); and Ultimate Ability (the All-Weapon). Similarly, Jane's 'Iconic' outfit reflects the God of Thunder's appearance with an alternate dimension twist; whereas Thor's look "is regal, Jane's is designed to be fiercer and warrior-like."

Jane Foster's first canonical appearance as The Mighty Thor was in the aftermath of the 2014 crossover storyline Original Sin and Jane's 'Mighty' outfit in Marvel's Avengers takes inspiration from writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman's comic book design and features a full helmet and a more muted, brown tone. Following 2019's War of the Realms (also by Aaron and Dauterman) event and some comic book death and rebirth shenanigans, Jane takes on the mantle of Valkryie. Jane's 'Valkryie' outfit in Marvel's Avengers' has "thoughtful additions of decorative and construction details" that Jeff Adams claims will "spring to life in game." The blue and silver color palette makes the Valkryie outfit stand out from the other cosmetics shown, and with this skin, Jane's primary weapon is changed from Mjolnir to Undrjarn, the All-Weapon.

Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor arrives in Marvel's Avengers on June 28th.

Alex David Johnson,
News Editor, NoobFeed

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