Soulslike Metroidvania Biomorph Announced by Lucid Dreams Studio

Biomorph, a Souls-inspired Metroidvania game, has been announced by Lucid Dreams Studio for both PC and console.

By Rayan, Posted 10 Aug 2022

Biomorph is an upcoming action-adventure developed by Lucid Dreams Studio. It is described as a dark, action-packed 2D soulslike Metroidvania set in a large, magnificent hand-drawn 2D universe where opponents are everywhere, and their powers can be used in whatever way the player chooses. In Biomorph, players can kill enemies and take on their appearance to experience the game from their perspective. Players will have the option of employing their skills in combat against other foes or relying on their powers to guide them through undiscovered places.

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Players are tasked with re-creating the city of Blightmoor and forming relationships with the locals to get insight into the history of both Blightmoor and its inhabitants. The players' characters will level up as they fight their way through the vast territories around the city and earn new skills, keepsakes, and blueprints along the way. The voyage will disclose shocking and upsetting realities about the hero's background along the way. 

To navigate the huge and diverse world of Biomorph players will need to make use of their skills. Fight dangerous creatures and assume their forms to gain access to their abilities, as well as solve riddles and complete platforming challenges. Be wary, however, for every defeated monster has the potential to reappear with improved and more menacing abilities. Players can fight their ways through a difficult artificial intelligence system in which previously mimicked monsters might earn new powers, creating a one-of-a-kind experience when they return to different parts of the game.

Players will discover a massive, non-linear universe that is interconnected and is made up of sixteen distinct environments. This world is home to optional boss fights, strange NPCs, loads of secrets, and upgrades that will reward the bravest explorer.  They can select your preferred method of combat by selecting from a wide variety of close-combat and long-range weaponry, each of which has its own set of upgrade trees.

Biomorph, Soulslike, Metroidvania, Lucid Dreams Studio, NoobFeed

During the gameplay, players can personalize the appearance of the primary hub of the game, Blightmoor, to create a unique gaming experience and a sense of belonging. By donning and combining a variety of one-of-a-kind talents that are capable of being leveled up, players can generate a variety of builds that are tailored to their specific play styles.

PC and console versions of Biomorph are expected to be released by the end of 2023.

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