PlayStation 5 Retail Price Hikes in Europe, Asia, Other Regions

Sony is increasing the cost of PS5 consoles across the globe.

By Fragnarok, Posted 25 Aug 2022

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan has announced that the PlayStation 5 will have a price increase in many regions across the world. Effected territories include all of Europe, Japan, Mainland China, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. This includes both the Digital Edition and the Blue-ray Disc compatible. The percentage increase depends on region, but averages around a 7% markup. Ryan went on to explain this is to counter act recent currency inflation and that the purchasing value is equal to pre-inflation rates.

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While the price increase is effective immediately, it is up to each individual retailer to adjust their costs. Some may be slower to increase the retail price, giving some consumers a chance to snag a PlayStation 5 at the old value. However, this may also incentivize more scalping and hording. Even now, the world processor chip shortage has hindered Sony from meeting the demand for their latest console. The price jump may put off more potential buyers from diving in.     

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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