Broken Pieces Unveils its Mysterious on PC Today

Some hints indicate that the console version of Broken Pieces will be out by Halloween.

By SnowWhite, Posted 10 Sep 2022

Broken Pieces, a survival thriller developed by Elseware Experience and published by Freedom Games, is now available for purchase on PC via Steam and Epic Game Store. The game is set in a French town frozen in time for an unknown amount of time.

Stroll over the deserted, cobblestone streets of Saint-Exil as Elise searches for her lost fiancé Pierre in the face of mysterious dangers. Find your way out of a time-trapped village by solving riddles influenced by the real-life mysteries of Brittany, France, and piecing together the truth behind an eclectic cult. Fight against hostile shadow creatures, bolster your defenses, and master Elise's mysterious skills as you attempt to complete the game.


To get through checkpoints and find the cassette tapes containing the game's secrets, you'll have to manipulate the town's aspects, such as the weather or the fixed camera angles. Collect relevant data to learn about the cult's motivations and how the town came to serve as Elise's jail. Additional cassette collections may bring unexpectedly crucial bonuses to survival.

There is complete silence throughout Elise's tale; no cheery music is playing in the background. To break the stillness, play the original licensed soundtrack, which is only available on cassettes that Pierre left behind and may be found. All of the game's elements, from the music to the images to the conversation to the gameplay, are presented in a first-person perspective to create an atmosphere of isolation and togetherness that can be restored only by piecing together the shards of countless lives.

With a launch discount of 20% and support for English and French, Broken Pieces is now available for $24.99 on PC through Steam and Epic Game Store. On Halloween, October 31, 2022, the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions will all be released.

Asura Kagawa (@AsuraKagawa)
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