Minecraft Announces Camels, Batman DLC, And More

Minecraft Live 2022 provided a lot of exciting reveals and announcements

By AlexJohn, Posted 18 Oct 2022

At Minecraft Live 2022 Mahjong announced a number of exciting new additions to their insanely popular crafting adventure game and its array of spin-offs, including brand new footage.

Minecraft Legends is an upcoming action strategy game developed in partnership with Blackbird Interactive that sees the player team up with familiar Minecraft Mobs to defend the Overworld from the invading Piglin army. Starting at the Well of Fate (which also acts as a home base), players will meet Foresight, Knowledge, and Action, three new characters known as Hosts. Together they will save the Overworld. Minecraft Live 2022 debuted gameplay footage and showed off the Well of Fate as well as the player's ability to gather Mobs (in this case badgers) to assist them on their adventure.

The Entity Wizard Tool allows players to create their own Minecraft Mobs. Using pre-existing models and developer tools, players will be able to add their favorite animals to the game and create their own fantastical blocky creatures. 

A crossover between the worlds of Batman and Minecraft was also announced by DC Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee. Batman, Batgirl, and Robin must work together to take down the Joker and other villains as they wreak havoc on an impressively large recreation of Gotham City. Clean the Penguin and his goons off of the city streets in the Batmobile and swing across skylines with a grappling hook; solve the Riddler's puzzles with the help of the Batcomputer in the Batcave, and travel to the Nether to visit Arkham Asylum. Of course, this wouldn't be a Batman video game without a Mr. Freeze boss fight and the world's coldest scientist  is just one of the rogues that will come to blows with the Dark Knight and his allies as players will also have to defeat Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in a tag-team encounter.

Minecraft Dungeons' third season Fauna Faire begins October 19th. This pet-themed season adds several new animals to the game including hedgehogs, as well as a free new mission set in the jungle biome called Tree Top Tangle.

The Minecraft Education Collection will offer fun, inciteful experiences aimed at making the world a better place. The Frozen Planet II experience lets players control several of the animals seen in the BBC documentary series of the same name; Rooted Together will teach players about the ecological importance of Mangrove trees, and Latin Explorers has been created in partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Museum to educate players on Hispanic culture and introduce them to creatives within that group. Finally, there is Peacebuilders, a mode in which players can meet four Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, witness a recreation of an anti-Aparthide protest, and "clear land mines to save a Cambodian village"... by playing Minesweeper.


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2023's 1.20 update has not yet been given an official name but will bring a lot of new content to the core Minecraft experience. Firstly, seven new default skins designed to better represent the Minecraft community will become available in-game as well as begin featuring in key art and ads. Two new Blocks are being added: Hanging Signs and Chisselled Bookshelves. Additionally the new Bamboo Wood set can be used to make a variety of structures include walls and fencing; but it can also be used to construct a raft for travelling across water. Finally, Camels will be added to Minecraft as a new Mob. While they are slower than horses, two players will be able to ride them at once and with their Dash ability they are able to leap across large gaps. 

Finally, the Sniffer won a public poll set up by Mojang and will therefore be added as a new Mob. These cow-like animals are ancient creatures gradually being brought back into the Overworld's ecosystem after several long-lost eggs were found at the bottom of the sea. As the name suggests, Sniffer's have a keen sense of smell and, by following their nose, players will be able to find new, rare plants.


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