Rainbow Six: Extraction Introduces New Game Mode 'After Effect'

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction - After Effect challenges players to take control of the parasite nucleus.

By Rayan, Posted 27 Oct 2022

After Effect is the fourth Crisis Event for Rainbow Six Extraction, announced today by Ubisoft and will be available until November 17th. This time-limited event is the dramatic conclusion to the previous three Crisis Events, and it introduces a brand new Enemy to the game's post-release features. New REACT technology and aesthetic incentives are part of the new Crisis Event, which also tasks players with solving puzzles while avoiding the dangerous Amber Sprawl that has taken over the confinement zones.

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In After Effect, Operators are tasked with either tracking down the game's most expensive item—the Parasite Nucleus—carrying it and using its immense power to defeat enemies like the Amber Sprawl. The Death Marker, a potent ability of the Nucleus, may be used to do devastating damage to adversaries and Parasite buildings. Players must carefully choose how they use this strong ability since it allows their allies to quickly wipe out marked adversaries through any damage source that strikes them later.

A sudden onset of blinding exposure will severely impair the Operator's eyesight while they carry the Nucleus. The carrier's exposure rises steadily until either the carrier abandons the Nucleus or the exposure hits 100%. Their agility and speed are severely hampered by the weight of the Nucleus, and they are defenseless against attackers unless they use the cutting-edge REACT technology known as the Repulsion Harness. The Nucleus carrier will be the enemy's primary target; thus, the rest of the team will need to work together to keep them safe. Each player may take a turn escorting the Nucleus as they work together to clear a path out of the confinement zones.

The new Amber Sprawl can be found in all minimaps and will slow down and injure players that walk over it. Players will need to eliminate this hazardous and deadly variant to continue playing.

Rainbow Six Extraction is available on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC through Game Pass, as well as on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.


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