Project: The Perceiver - An Open-World Action Game for Multiple Platforms

Papergames' 17ZHE Studio is working on a Chinese open-world action game for multiple platforms called Project: The Perceiver.

By Rayan, Posted 11 Nov 2022

The first official trailer for Project: The Perceiver has been released, showcasing the game's dynamic combat system, which evokes comparisons to Sekiro in the eyes of some gamers. The Perceiver is a Chinese-themed open-world action game that was created by Papergames' 17ZHE Studio for multiple platforms.

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As the Master of Varietas, you will travel across a planet wracked by anarchy and interact with a diverse cast of inhabitants. Condense their unique values into masks and participate in the most intense conflicts possible. You'll have to parkour off of rooftops and other obstacles to get around, and you'll have to parry attacks and time your advances to defeat enemies and particularly strong bosses. In a realm inspired by imagination, the game investigates competing worldviews. 

Stay tuned since very little information has been shared so far on the game. Project: The Perceiver is an open-world action game that will be available for multiple platforms, including the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4. There was no mention of a release date in the announcement.

Azfar Rayan (@AzfarRayan)
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