There Are Now Hoodies For Your Xbox Controllers

If you want to stop your Xbox controllers getting cold, you can now buy a tiny hoodie for it.

By LCLupus, Posted 01 Dec 2022

Do you need some clothing for you Xbox controller? If you answer is no, then you clearly have no idea what people want, because Xbox officially released a line of hoodies for controllers, and the first batch has already somehow sold out. If you’re curious what’s going on, here’s what Xbox says on its store page for the hoodies: “It's the time of year where you may want to cozy up with a nice hoodie. This winter don't let your controllers feel left out with a mini controller hoodie.”

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The hoodie boasts about being 100% polyester, having a sublimation print design, and it includes a zipper and very small arm holes for your controller’s… arms. You can find this item on the Xbox Gear shop if you feel that you definitely need a hoodie for your Xbox controller. As the page says, you wouldn’t want your controllers to feel left out while you get ready for the winter, would you?

You may ask why you would want something like this. That is, unless you immediately wanted it, in which case any queries are pointless. If you don’t know why this exists, then you simply haven’t bee paying attention to how the games industry sells merchandise of every conceivable variety. Why not have warm clothes for an inanimate object?

So, if you are interested, and you’re disappointed by the fact that it has already sold out, the next batch will ship in mid-February. However, it also says that pre-orders are still open until 15 December 2022, so presumably you’ll still be able to get your strange little hoodie. This means that there will be a new batch for everyone who desperately needs this thing in their life.

Justin van Huyssteen (@LC_Lupus)
Senior Editor, NoobFeed

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