Ex-Forza Horizon Devs Leave To Form New Studio

A group of former Forza Horizon developers have left Playground Games to form Maverick Games, a new studio that has already started development.

By LCLupus, Posted 10 Jan 2023

A bunch of developers at Playground Games, the development studio responsible for the Forza Horizon games, have split from the well-established racing game studio to form their own new studio, Maverick Games. This new studio is led by the ex-Playground Games developer, Mike Brown.

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This news was revealed in a report by Eurogamer, and it elaborates that this new studio will be working on an open-world game for consoles and PC. The game itself has not been revealed and is unlikely to be revealed any time soon as the studio has only just been formed, but with the development credentials and experience the studio has, this should be something to watch out for over the coming years.

The new studio comprises six ex-Playground Games developers at the highest levels. A lead producer, a technical director, a technical art director, an audio director, and art director alongside the beforementioned Mike Brown, who was the creative director on Forza Horizon 5. The new studio has also already managed to secure seed funding that has allowed them to start development, and that is not surprising for a company comprised of individuals with so much AAA experience.

Maverick Studios is based the UK in Lemington Spa, near the Playground Games office, and has set its goal as being both a great company for employees, and promises to take risks, to be creative, innovative, et cetera. As for gamers, the company promises to create ultra-high-quality titles for players to enjoy.

It is a bit of a strange thing to see former racing game developers working on an open-world game, although the specifics of the game have not been given, and there are open-world driving games out there, like Driver: San Francisco, if the studio does continue with racing games. More information will undoubtedly be revealed in the coming years, but for now we can only wait and hope that the developers make something great.

Justin van Huyssteen (@LC_Lupus)
Senior Editor, NoobFeed

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