Stray Has Been Saving Real World Cats

The publisher behind Stray has been helping various animal shelters and charities with stray cats around the world.

By LCLupus, Posted 18 Jan 2023

Last year saw the release of an instantly beloved cat game called Stray, and it would appear that that game has been saving some real-world cats as well as being a great game. The reason for it saving real-world cats is because the developer, publisher, and streamers have been quite active in helping animal shelters and charities in the name of Stray.

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According to a report PBS New Weekend that interviewed various people from various groups, Annapurna Interactive, the publisher, has supported various charities that reached out to them for help. The report specifically focuses on three individuals from three charities.

The Nebraska Humane Society held a streaming marathon of sorts that managed to raise $8000 by giving codes away that Annapurna Interactive had provided. Gatos de Francisca, a Brazilian shelter in Rio de Janeiro, held a raffle that made enough to spay 25 cats. Lastly, the Stray Cat Relief Fund got Annapurna Interactive to sponsor their walkathon for $1000, and, through that charitable event, managed to raise an additional $6500 for the cats they help.

The segment itself ends by stating that 32 million cats enter the United States shelter system every year. So, if you can, adopt a cat. It would be a good thing to do if you have the means.

It’s great to see that a game like Stray, which even managed to walk away with two awards at The Game Awards, has continued to make some waves in the world by simply doing good. There was no reason for Annapurna Interactive to help any of these charities, but it’s great to see that they have decided to do so.

Justin van Huyssteen (@LC_Lupus)
Senior Editor, NoobFeed

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