Killer Klowns From Outer Space Classes Revealed

Alien clowns hunt humans in Teravision Games' upcoming horror comedy

By AlexJohn, Posted 20 Jan 2023

Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game is an upcoming asymmetrical horror title based on a 1988 cult horror comedy about a group of grotesque aliens that look like clowns invading an American town. Developed by Teravision Games and published by Good Shepard Entertainment, the gameplay sees two teams facing off with different goals. The three-man Klown team must hunt down the humans and collect candy floss cocoons, while the team of seven Humans must fight back against, hide from, or escape the invader’s grasp. This ten-player, 3v7 approach to asymmetric multiplayer horror is unique to Killer Klowns and the game aims to use its Class system to take advantage of this reinvention of the genre.

Another interesting addition to the genre is Killer Klown’s reliance on NPCs. Scattered across Crescent Cove are NPCs on both sides of the Human/Klown war. NPC humans are to be hunted by Klowns while also serving as respawn points for the Human team; meanwhile, the Lackeys should be avoided at all costs by the Humans as they will alert Klowns to their location. Each team has five classes to choose from and can equip them with ten attributes. However, all the Klowns are equipped with a ray gun, signature weapon, healing ability, and long-reaching Klown Jump.

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Onto the Klown classes and first is the Tracker. Spikey is a Klown that excels at sniffing out humans. His Popcorn Bazooka fires out sticky pieces of popcorn that attach themselves to humans, revealing their location on the map. Likewise, his Balloon Dog will point in the direction of the nearest Crescent Cove local and, once the hunt begins, Spikey can use his Invisible Car ability to chase down his prey.

Rudy the Trapster is a scheming Klown whose Jawbreaker Mace fires explosive popcorn that makes his target visible through walls. Similarly, he can drop a Popcorn Mine that will do the same if triggered. Rudy also has a Baby Klown at his disposal, “an ugly larvae-looking buddy” that pins enemies in place. 

Chubby the Tank is slow and tough. This “absolute unit of a Klown” comes equipped with an Extendable Jawbreaker which he whips at foes and charges up to reach further and do even more damage. He has a powerful downward strike called a Sticky Bash as well which “summons a carpet of cotton candy” – trapping his prey within. Coming across a candy cocoon made by himself or another Klown, Chubby will use his trusty straw to “slurp some energizing human intestines”, granting him a limited-time speed buff. Finally, the Tank class has a Rage Rush which sees Chubby charging at his prey, destroying obstacles in the way, and taking less damage from guns. 

The Scout Klown is the green-haired, innocent-looking (as far as clowns go anyway) Jumbo. Using his Klown Jump, Jumbo can “leap into unexplored territory”, discovering new areas for him and his fellow Klowns to hunt in. What he lacks in range, Jumbo makes up for in stealth as his Hypnotic Lure draws enemies toward him, into the swing of his deadly mallet. This class can also swap positions with a nearby Lackey using the aptly titled Lackey Swap ability.

Last but certainly not least is the brawler of the group, Shorty, the Fighter. With his powerful Boxing Gloves, Shorty is a close-quarters threat. He can’t detect humans, but he is agile and strong, able to ride his Speedy Tricycle indoors. The Fighter class also has the Pizza Box ability which allows Shorty to disguise himself as a pizza box.

The human classes are: the Punks, which have high stamina but a slow recovery; the Rednecks, who have a big inventory but poor observation skills; the Teenagers are nimble but weak; the Bikers meanwhile are strong but slow; and finally the Cops are good with guns but unlucky. Each class has its pros and cons and can be changed when you die, as long as there are still human NPCs of that class alive on the map.


Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game releases on Steam, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in early 2023.


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Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
Publisher(s): Good Shepherd Entertainment
Developer(s): Teravision Games
Genres: Horror
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